We strive to cultivate a community that fosters critical discourse surrounding academic research, bridging the divide between academic writing and broader, non-academic publics. We aim to foster an environment for vigorous dialogue among different constituencies as well as to educate our own selves routinely in the realms of arts, religion, philosophy, politics, and culture. 


Our three electronic publications – The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, Esthesis, and The New Polis – constitute a working consortium of academic journals designed to allow religious, political, cultural, and artistic thought and theory to become accessible to the public through informed and researched articles, peer-reviewed essays, engaging discussions, conferences, webinars, and educational events. The emphasis on a global context for the implementation of our mission creates a welcoming space for academics, students, readers, and thought leaders to come together and expand their world views, while nurturing an environment favorable to the interchange of perspectives on contemporary issues and trends.

We utilize whatever resources are available to us to advance, support, and disseminate the most innovative theories and ideas, while simultaneously developing ongoing communication and mutual accountability between a variety of audiences.

Affirming a commitment to open access publishing within an interdisciplinary setting, our efforts are tailored to sustain a thriving online intellectual community that brings its conversations directly to the people. Such an intellectual community is devised to remain accessible, collaborative, and knowledgeable, and to build on our deeper commonalities.

We commit ourselves to profound historical and trans-generational analyses of current problems, including critical attention to how our own discourse discloses our own limitations in our modes of thinking.